Girton College Boat Club is kept running by the generosity of it's donors throughout the years. Through their donations, students are able to keep training using expensive equipment, such as ergs and boats that they would never otherwise have access to.

Many alumni will have happy memories of rowing with GCBC and will know that their rowing experience only made possible through donations. If any alumni or other would like to keep the boat club going, please get in contact with our treasurer, every donation no matter the size is greatly appreciated.


Sponsorship of the Girton College Boat Club is a great way to support the club while associating your brand with supporting student sport in Cambridge. It is also a great way to show your support of Girton, the first female College in Cambridge. The Cam is the busiest rowing river in the country with all 31 colleges having a boat club. It is estimated that over a third of the university population is involved in the sport in some fashion, with many more students and alumni coming to watch the iconic bumps races.

Partners of the boat club could expect to advertise themselves on boats, blades and kit, which would be visible throughout the year when Girton is out training on the water and to the thousands of students and others who attend bumps.

To discuss details of sponsorship please contact our treasurer, we'd love to hear from you and accommodate your wishes.


Our current fundraising goals are centred around raising the endowment of the club as the interest from this handles the smaller-regular payments we have to deal with

In the past year we managed to raise enough to buy a new womens VIII to support our growing membership. In January we raised over £5000 running a 24 hour ergathon, you can check out our just giving page here. After this huge success we are looking to host another monster fundraising session so watch this space.