Keep In Touch

The best way to keep up with GCBC is to follow us on Facebook and Instagram - or if you want to get in contact directly, email

Get Involved in Rowing

If you’re based around Cambridge, and want to get back in the seat, the best option is to get in contact with The Infidel Boat Club (TIBC). They have access to the exact same boats as GCBC, and sometimes help fill in (with GCBC filling in too). You can either email the alumni officer for GCBC at, who will put you in contact with TIBC, or go straight to their Facebook group here.

If you’d want to get involved in another way, you can take your skills and help coach the new generation of Girtonian rowers. We have regular sessions throughout term, and your assistance is always welcome. Either contact the alumni officer on the above email, or contact GCBC via their Facebook page: here.

Social Events

Alumni are always welcome to get involved with GCBC’s social events, with specific alumni arrangements for all Boat Club Dinners, as well as the annual Girton stand at May Bumps. The best way to keep up to date with these events is to update your details with the Alumni office, who now share our newsletter.

For any other enquiries, email the alumni officer at, who can put you in touch with the relevant person.